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Can I have Visitors?


All Worlds is one of the only gay hotels in the Coachella Valley to offer passes on the weekends beginning Friday evenings at 8PM and ending Sunday at 7PM.


During these hours if you have visitor's (including massage therapists) they will have to purchase a pass if they wish to enter premises no matter how long or short of the duration of their stay.

If this does not work for you...

please do not book your stay here. There are many fine hotels to choose from in Palm Springs; none of which offer passes and usually allow their guests to have visitors.  All Worlds is not one of them.

These hotels typically have no more than two to three dozen people on their grounds at anyone time.  It is not uncommon for All Worlds to have well over one hundred guys on our grounds.

Challenging this policy...                   


is considered extremely inappropriate and will not be tolerated and may and likely will end up affecting any future reservations you wish to make.

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